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Unlock your potential & Secure Your College Football Scholarship.’ This e-book is your key to mastering the strength, power, and nutrition strategies used by D1 and NFL players. It’s time to transform your game and secure that college football scholarship. Over 30 pages of in-depth information.

  • Elite Training Strategies: Our guidebook contains Power 5 Division 1 and professional-level training programs, specifically tailored to enhance strength, size, and power required for mid/big positions in football.
  • Comprehensive Workout Plans: Gain access to detailed workout routines that include specific exercises, rep ranges, sets, weight percentages, and progression models, ensuring you follow the most effective path to improve your athletic performance.
  • Nutrition Guide: Master the science of nutrition specific to mid/big positions with a thorough understanding of how to gain weight, build muscle, lose fat, and maintain a healthy weight throughout your football journey.
  • Mental Toughness and Recruitment Insight: Learn the mental preparation techniques used by D1 and NFL athletes and get insider information on navigating the college recruitment process, earning scholarships, and achieving a balance between academics and athletics.
  • Continuous Improvement: The guidebook offers information on how to self-adjust your workout and nutritional plans to continue progressing even after you’ve mastered the given routines, thus ensuring your advancement is uninterrupted and your potential, unlimited.
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Discover a comprehensive training program that targets the specific needs of mid/big positions, focusing on strength, power, and explosive performance. Gain practical knowledge on how to effectively gain weight and build lean muscle, lose fat, and optimize your nutritional intake for superior performance on the field. This e-book draws on professional D1 and NFL training strategies and methodologies to prepare you for the competitive demands of college football. From insider recruitment tactics to advanced training routines, this guide is your one-stop resource for transforming your game and securing that coveted college football scholarship.

6 reviews for [DOWNLOAD] D1 Caliber Mid Position & Linemen Holy Grail

  1. TImothy Jenkins

    Most comprehensive guides out there for playing at the next level. Josh does a great job going into detail what it takes to play in college or even beyond

  2. Tommy Holbert

    im a big man and even though I hate working out this makes it a whole lot better. excited to see where this takes me!!!

  3. Aaron Baez

    I am a 6’1 253 pound offensive lineman junior. I am up to 265 now and still lean I really think its all muscle. The nutrition guide and workouts are changing my game

  4. Eric Hartwig

    Even though I’ve been out of the football game for a while this really helped me even in other sports as well I’d recommend this to some of those up and coming guys in high school ball

  5. jacob keen

    love it so far and learn so much

  6. trent thomas

    So awesome because now I learn how to program my own workouts! way different than my coach who doesn’t know much about real workouts

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