About Josh

Josh is a passionate mentor, guiding young athletes towards their goals with an unwavering dedication. A seasoned football player, he has seen it all – from Power 5 Division 1 football at Syracuse University to the prestigious ranks of the New Orleans Saints in the NFL. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science and a Master’s in Instructional Design, Development, & Evaluation, Josh combines his academic knowledge and field experience to offer top-notch, scientifically-based athletic training. Grateful for his own transformative journey, Josh pays tribute to his mentors at Syracuse and the Saints, as well as his brother, a Division 1 football coach, who have all played a pivotal role in his development. With Power 5 Progressions, Josh brings professional-grade training to ambitious athletes, aiding them in their quest for college scholarships and a successful career in football.

In order to achieve greatness, we must get 1% better every day. Whether that is mentally or physically, we have to win every 24 hours to be great.
Joshua Black
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