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Immerse yourself in enriched football education from a former NFL player, absorbing the techniques and strategies essential for conquering challenges and ruling the field.

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I follow josh on tiktok and the lineman e-book is a game-changer. Before, I was kinda scrawny and got easily winded during games. But after following the workouts and nutrition tips, I feel way stronger and faster. It’s like I understand football on a whole new level now, and even my coach noticed! Thanks for helping me step up my game.
Gabe Gulotta
I’ve learned so much from the skills position e-book! The football strategies and workouts were clear and easy to follow, and I could feel myself getting stronger and more confident on the field. The nutrition part also helped me eat right and get in better shape. I feel more prepared and excited to chase that scholarship dream.
Eric Baxter
After going through my e-book, I felt a transformation not just in my game, but in my whole approach to football! The techniques and strategies are clear, easy to follow, and they’re making me stronger, faster, and more focused on the field. It’s like having a personal coach who’s been to the top and back, guiding me through every step!
Pierson K.

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