[DOWNLOAD] Scoring Scholarships: Skill Position Mastery with D1/Pro Tactics

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Unlock your athletic potential and fast-track your way to Division 1 with our ‘Skill Position Mastery’ e-book. Benefit from the unique, proven workout programs used at Division 1 and NFL levels. Gain invaluable insight into nutrition, mental resilience, and scholarship recruitment. Start your journey to college football and scholarship success today!

  • Elite Training Tactics: Benefit from D1 and professional-level training methodologies tailored specifically for skill positions, boosting your performance on the field.
  • Transformative Nutrition Plans: Master the art of fueling your body with our comprehensive nutritional guide. Learn how to gain, lose, or maintain weight effectively to complement your training regime.
  • Scholarship Success: Improve your odds of earning a football scholarship with targeted training and nutrition strategies that meet college recruiters’ expectations.
  • Detailed Workout Programs: Receive in-depth, science-based workout plans with instructions on safely increasing weights, reps, and incorporating periodization to prevent plateaus and injuries.
  • Holistic Athlete Development: Embrace a complete approach to athletic performance, including mental preparation, resilience, and the balance of academics and athletics in your pursuit of a D1 career.
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Transform your game and accelerate your journey to Division 1 college football with our e-book, ‘Skill Position Mastery: Your Path to Division 1 and College Football Scholarships’. This guide offers you access to the specific workout programs employed at the Division 1 and NFL levels, curated by a former Power 5 Division 1 footballer and NFL player. Hone your skills in your position with targeted strength and conditioning routines, speed and agility drills, all based on a science-driven approach. Complementing the athletic training, the book provides comprehensive nutritional guidance, strategies for mental resilience, and expert advice on securing scholarships and excelling in the recruitment process. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and strategies that have been proven to succeed at the highest levels of football. Embark on your journey to achieving your college football dreams and securing that coveted scholarship today!


6 reviews for [DOWNLOAD] Scoring Scholarships: Skill Position Mastery with D1/Pro Tactics

  1. Tim C.

    The most in-depth guide I have ever read. I bought this for for my son who is becoming a WR this fall and it has been a game changer

  2. Cam Hartwig

    I follow Josh on tiktok and he was not lying when he said this is the real deal

  3. Gabe Gulotta

    Purchased to change my body and skills I did not realize how much information was in here. I guess there is a reason why josh played D1 and in the pros

  4. Vinnie Debartolo

    I have never been so sore in my entire life, totally changed my workouts and I feel so much better

  5. Jasper S.

    Words can’t describe the amount of depth josh goes into to training. I didn’t know the kid also had a master’s degree in instructional design and development, makes sense with how great the directions are. Thumbs up 2x

  6. kody sprung

    im a wide receiver and this really made me re-think everything! thanks josh

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